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Do You Like Zombies?

2008-07-10 15:38:38 by MoonCraft

I'm a pretty big zombie fan so I created a zombie group with one of my friends in Orlando, Florida.

Peep me being a zombie!

Do You Like Zombies?


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2008-07-10 17:41:08

Dude, That's awesome


2008-07-12 03:36:42

That's pro


2011-02-23 07:04:35

That looks like someone off Silent Hill.

Props to you bro!

MoonCraft responds:

Thank you!


2011-12-28 03:07:44

Nice zombie body. XD

MoonCraft responds:

This is what it would look like if you died in a meth lab explosion and came back as a zombie.


2011-12-28 03:12:22

Oh my awesome

MoonCraft responds:

Thank you! It's mostly paper towels, latex cream, vaseline, charcoal pencil, and fake blood I make myself.


2011-12-28 20:24:56

Nome portugues, mas falas portugues? ;)

(Updated ) MoonCraft responds:

Infelizmente, não posso falar português, :(

^ Had to use a translator, lol.

My Great Grandmother was teaching me it when I was 4, but my Mom told her not to bother because I'd never need it. Thanks Mom!


2011-12-30 09:40:41

Haha, oh well. But nice portuguese flag in your room brah.

MoonCraft responds:

Thanks! If Rosetta Stone had traditional Portuguese instead of Brazilian Portuguese I would get it.