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Wish Halloween had multiple months of celebration.....

2013-11-12 16:24:12 by MoonCraft

Instead only Christmas has that on lock. I may be biased since I have a great job every Halloween season working for Universal. Anyone else have a favorite holiday other than Christmas?

Wish Halloween had multiple months of celebration.....


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2013-11-14 09:16:54

It's gotta be Halloween... apart from Christmas. :P There aren't really any other major holidays to choose from! Any story behind that picture btw?

MoonCraft responds:

It is a shot of me launching out of a wall during Halloween Horror Nights, a Halloween event at Universal Orlando every Sept/Oct. They cast us to scare the crap out of people for 28 event nights. Halloween has always been my favorite.


2013-11-14 14:18:44

When you mentioned 'working for universal' I imagined it'd be something more movie-related... like filming. That sounds like a fun job though! Do the 28 days have anything to do with the 28 days/weeks later movies?

I walked through a haunted house a few months ago, with the spooks either machines or actors, or just sculptures. I was looking at this one girl (looked like the one from The Ring) for at least a minute, trying to evaluate if she was real or not. She didn't move a millimeter... until I was just turning away. Scare of the year! :D Wasn't Halloween though, that'd be the perfect occasion...

MoonCraft responds:

I just work special event entertainment for the theme parks although movies would be awesome. 28 days just happened to be how many nights they decided on. If someone has been working haunted attractions long enough they can stay still for ridiculous lengths of time waiting for the perfect scare.


2013-11-19 03:21:56

well you could goto a convention. they happen a semi-often in my area.

MoonCraft responds:

I'll be hitting up one in March and am planning on going to Dragon Con in Atlanta next year. Aaawwww yeah!


2013-11-21 07:04:24

I do something remarkably similar during October.

I work here:

MoonCraft responds:

That's fucking awesome! I look forward to the scare season every year.


2013-11-21 16:44:02

It's pretty kickass I get to dress up as Michael Myers and do this:

That's me at 0:16.

MoonCraft responds:

Nice! I ended up in a Universal promotion video this past season.

I'm in the harness at 2:20


2013-11-21 21:22:29

Holy shit that looks like fun!